The Way It Should Be

Tsalagi Teas is a company that celebrates the Tsalagi (Cherokee) culture. Women within the lineage of Tiffany West passed the recipes and knowledge of nature's benefits through the ages.  As members of the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee tribe, we have historically been the protectors and leaders of the tribe in times of turmoil. Tiffany endeavors to continue her clan’s mission outside the borders of the reservation and provide nature’s healing properties to all.

In early 2019, Tiffany began teaching Duffy about the medicinal properties of herbs and how to combine them for specific ailments. Having been interested in herbology his entire life; he learned quickly and continues to learn. Duffy is a descendant of the Bird Clan of the Cherokee tribe. The Bird Clan is viewed as the messengers between the Creator & Mother Earth to the people.

Combining Tiffany and Duffy’s two clan’s missions created Tsalagi Tea’s endeavor. We endeavor to provide healing to people utilizing nature’s gifts to us while educating non- indigenous peoples about our people, our language, and our path of peace with light.

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Tsalagi Teas is a place for people of all ages and walks of life to come. We welcome all and encourage the spirit of inclusivity.

Once our physical location opens, we will service breakfast and lunch needs (teas, coffee, light meals) as well as formal teas in the cafe area.

In the retail area, we will have stock items for purchase and a consult option for custom teas. All of our products in our retail area carry a health benefit whether by way of tea, soaps, oils, etc.

We support our community.

-We will have a wall at the location of local art to spotlight up and coming artists in the area. This art will be available for purchase to support the local artists.

-We also hold classes to aid understanding of misrepresented and underrepresented Native Americans. In these classes we will share our history, our way of life, our legends, our cooking methods, etc.

-We will also open the shop to other underrepresented cultures within the region in an effort to amplify their voice. -Outside of our store, we donate to several charitable causes and volunteer at a local American Legion to assist our veterans.